Friday, 12 November 2010

Tesco Express Creek Road

It's a Tesco Express so you can pretty much guess what kind of stuff is on the shelves - plenty of ready meals and plenty of snacks, not such a great range of stuff for those who like to cook from scratch compared to what can be bought locally and much cheaper in Deptford High Street.

A few items worth pointing out are:

- it has a FREE cashpoint, which will no doubt prove a bit of a godsend for the local area. The only other cashpoints I know of in the environs are the ones that charge.

- it has the usual Tesco Express long opening hours which will give Costcutter a bit of a run for its money. I noticed this morning that there was already a bit of banner competition going on across Creek Road between the two stores.

- it is bigger than the Tesco Express on Deptford High Street.

Er, that's it!


Anonymous said...

what is store number

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tesco has forced Nisa to close...

Anonymous said...

The all staff at Tesco creek road are amazing people. I was with broken down bus in front of the Tesco. the weather was very cold . that's amazing people offer my with cup of coffee. thank you so much thank you.