Friday, 15 October 2010

Blu Eden - Champagne & Shockwaves

In a bid to introduce a lighter note to what has been a gloomy couple of weeks on the blog, I direct you to the video of Champagne & Shockwaves by local duo Blu Eden - singer Nora Blu and musician Richard Eden. You won't need to take the band's word that it was filmed in and around Deptford and Greenwich - see how many of the locations you recognise.

Richard adds: "If any of your readers have pop video making skills we would bite off their hand to help make us our next video. You may have noticed that we made the current one ourselves. I pulled the manager along on a skateboard while he filmed the girls miming as they walked along."

If you can't see it here, you can check out the video and some other songs at Blu Eden's myspace page.

The band has also offered readers the chance to win a Blu Eden t-shirt. Just email the answer to the following question, along with your details, to by the end of October to enter the draw.

Q: Which Caribbean restaurant in East Greenwich was the club scene filmed in?


Marmoset said...

Damn, I can locate the outdoor shots, but that restaurant looks too pricey for me!

Ha'penny Hatch, ''Love over gold'' mural at Cockpit Arts, and the path on Crossfields that runs along the viaduct.

I'll put a post up on Crosswhatfields? linking to your page.

Dan Ablett said...


If you need an editor next time then drop me a line. I'm usually doing TV work, but like to branch out i'm Deptford based. Let me know.