Thursday 5 August 2010

Surrey Docks City Farm Saturday market

This weekend Surrey Docks City Farm is hosting its monthly Saturday market - a great excuse to visit the farm if you haven't yet been, and if you have, it's a great excuse to go again and support the work they are doing.

Although it's not strictly speaking in the Deptford area, it's a very pleasant walk there through Surrey Docks and Russia Dock Woodland and is well worth the trip to see what changes have been taking place over the last few months.

One of the major improvements is the new Cafe Frizzante, which is open Wednesday to Sunday for homemade ice-cream, coffees, cakes and snacks, with roasts on Sundays.

For some weeks now, walkers and cyclists on the Thames path have enjoyed the opportunity to access the section of the path that runs through the farm, with a beautiful new gate (made in Deptford!) added at the west side. Previously a detour was necessary, but efforts by the farm's new manager Barry Mason got the route fully open - as well as improving access along the Thames path, I imagine this change will also increase visitor numbers with walkers and cyclists discovering the farm as they pass by.

It's a great place for kids to get close to animals (and probably for many in SE London to see farm animals in the flesh for the first time!). It's also a welcome oasis for wandering, sitting, chilling out and admiring the many little plots of fruit and veg dotted around the edges of the farm. The farm also has its own forge which is worth a look in itself.

The market on Saturday includes stalls selling handmade jewellery, pottery, beeswax candles and aromatic crafts, as well as sewing & craft workshops. It's free entry to the farm and the market, which opens at 10am.

Other things to try at the farm include a whole variety of summer holiday activities for children, a course on introduction to bee-keeping, arts and crafts classes such as the absolute beginners sewing classes on Tuesday evenings, 'grow your own beauty' classes and regular yoga sessions.

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