Friday 27 August 2010

Deptford Green School contract signed

I'm a little late with this story but I don't think any of the other local bloggers have picked up on it so still worth highlighting.

Deptford Green School has won the dubious honour of being the first school rebuilding scheme to reach financial close since cuts in the national school rebuilding programme.

The £28.6m school will be built by contractor Costain, as part of Lewisham Council’s £400m BSF programme which involves the major refurbishment or renewal of 12 secondary schools including three special educational needs schools.

Deptford Green will be a 1100 place mixed comprehensive school; the development consists of temporary school facilities, a multi-use games area, a main school and decant from the temporary facilities and demolition of the existing schools and landscaping.

The main school is planned to open 3 September 2012.

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Unknown said...

They have started demolition already - just after they finished installing new windows.

Yes really. Two weeks ago a contractor was installing new windows in the buildings off Crofton Park. This week a contractor is demolishing the same building.

I guess they didn't know 2 weeks ago if the new school would go ahead. When they did get the green light they raced to get started before anyone could change their mind.

This is what happens when decisions are put off till the last minute