Monday 12 July 2010

Surrey Canal: London's sporting village?

The public consultation season seems to be in full swing. Plans to redevelop the area around Millwall football stadium are the next redevelopment proposals to be wheeled out for public consultation.

When the leaflet plopped through my letterbox today I was rather surprised since it was the first I'd heard about the plans, apart from some rather vague murmurings.

According to the website:
Surrey Canal will be a regional and local centre for sporting excellence. The plans have already been backed by a wide range of sporting organisations and will support young up and coming sportsmen and women as well as providing significant benefits for local people.
Utilising the area's excellent transport connections, and two major stations (South Bermondsey and the planned new Surrey Canal Road station on the East London Line extension) the scheme will also deliver up to 2,700 new homes, 2,000 new jobs, improved connections and open spaces, and new community facilities.
The plans will also provide an improved setting for Millwall Football stadium, as well as providing new community facilities including shops, cafes, restaurants and new public spaces.
These proposals are led by regeneration specialists Renewal and will provide a huge boost to this part of North Lewisham which is identified in Lewisham's 'Core Strategy' as an area for major regeneration.

The website is pretty piss poor as far as information goes - as is Lewisham Council's website. Luckily the fans at Millwall online are on the case, and spotted an article in the Architects Journal.

Studio Egret West (SEW) has unveiled ambitious regeneration proposal, including 2,700 new homes and a sports village, for the 12ha area around Millwall FC’s New Den home in South London
Meanwhile it is understood Will Alsop’s dream to build a series of towers on top of and around the football club itself have died and a new architect brought in to look at a more modest re-jig of the 20,000-seat ground.
SEW’s plans, drawn up for developer Renewal and dubbed Surrey Canal - London’s Sporting Village, aim to create a new regional centre of sporting excellence together housing and shops next to the ground, South Bermondsey Station and the planned Surrey Canal Road Station on the East London Line.
Featuring a number of towers - the tallest 26 storeys - the scheme will also improve access to and from the area surrounding the Millwall Football Club stadium, as well as creating new shops, caf├ęs, restaurants and public spaces.
David West, of SEW said: ‘This is a hugely exciting project which will transform an inner city site and deliver a whole host of benefits for the existing communities of North Lewisham.
‘It will also improve connections and linkages, opening up the local area through the introduction of a new park at Bridge House Meadows and high quality public spaces forming a green armature through the site.’
He added: ‘The sporting element will underpin the new community with large scale indoor venues lining Surrey Canal Road and roof top play areas animating the sky line above.’
It is believed other architects will be brought in to work on the ‘piece of city’ which is the same size as the Barbican in the city.
Renewal which has been accumulating land in the North Lewisham area for the last seven years will be holding a public exhibition from 25 to 27 July at the Lewington Centre on the Silwood Estate in Rotherhithe as part of continued pre-application community consultation.

The public consultation will take place at:
The Lewington Centre
9 Eugenia Road
London SE16 2RU

Opening Times:
Sunday 25 July 11am-4pm
Monday 26 July 10am-6pm
Tuesday 27 July 10am-4:30pm

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