Friday, 30 July 2010

Deptford round-up

After a short hiatus in blogging brought on by work pressures and travel, the Dame is back in residence for now.

During my absence I've missed various Deptford-related matters, but as they have been covered elsewhere I am not going to repeat them. We are very lucky in Deptford and surrounds to have an active blogging community, past the noses of whom not a lot can get. I link to nearly all of them in the sidebar, but just in case you have been away too, here's what they've been talking about.

Leila contacted local bloggers to raise awareness of the fact that Tidemill School (yes, THAT Tidemill School!) is bidding to convert to an Academy. Perhaps we should not be surprised at this, given that the school has reportedly undergone a massive improvement and perhaps believes this is a way to maintain its elevated status away from local authority intervention. The concern is the speed with which the school wishes to pursue this option - attempting to complete the process by September - and the very minimal consultation that has been carried out.

Crosswhatfields blog has the full story and links to a petition, along with a rather craftily-Photoshopped illustration.

Caroline followed up the debate over head-teachers' pay with an alarming story about the methods used to recruit teachers in Deptford in the 1800s. This sparked a bit of digging to uncover the result of the interview.

Just over the boundary in Greenwich borough, Darryl has been having a go at the 'rotten-looking developments' that are strewed along Creek Road like putrifying roadkill. He extracts the urine quite mercilessly from 'Bullshit Mansions' (the Teatro development which describes itself as being 'at the heart of Greenwich’s cultural quarter') before Crosswhatfields weighs in with its own two pennorth.

Naturally I enjoyed reading the banter and bile - everyone knows that I regard the Creek Road carnage as the worst kind of visual offence.

Darryl has also blogged his walk of the route of the old Surrey Canal, much of which passes through Deptford and some of the proposed developments.

Meanwhile up the road in Blackheath, the ever-vigilant Bugle has been keeping up with the ongoing debate over Lewisham Council's proposed library closures, which is also covered by the Blackheath Village Residents Group.

As far as I am aware, there is no similar campaign in New Cross. I suspect the fact that New Cross lacks a central focus (you can't really count Sainsbury's, can you?) makes it much more difficult to generate and sustain community spirit, although I'm sure it does exist in pockets.

Happily the New Cross Local Assembly has just invited your comments on priorities for the area, via its survey at The survey runs till 24th August.

Apparently if you can't do it online you can find the survey at the libraries in Deptford and New Cross. Oh, the irony!

Over at A room of one zone, Marmoset has posted some great pictures and memories of the Dog & Bell in 'the days before Charlie and Eileen'. Personally I find it difficult to believe there ever WAS a time before Charlie and Eileen!

Finally, a review of 'Deptford's finest' Athlete, playing at the Old Royal Naval College. Whether you like their music or not ('accessible pop-rock'? hmm!) it's good to see a name check for the 'ford.


Polly said...

I love your new design - I saw that boxer outside the Albany yesterday - he was wearing a bead necklace.

Deptford dame said...

Thanks Polstar. Sometimes he wears a neckerchief instead, I suppose it depends how he is feeling.

The Flying V said...

Good to see you back - I was wondering what had happened to you. I love your new main photo!

Deptford Dame said...

Thanks V, it's good to be back. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, which is unavoidable but frustrating. Contrary to what I like to make out, I'm not actually a dame so I do have to spend quite a bit of my time earning a crust.

julesargonaut said...

Hi,I think the vileness inflicted on us around the creek will be as nothing compared to the proposals they have in store for us at the old Royal Dockyard(Convoys).It's also a tad disconcerting when one googles the developer to find that it appears to be only his company propping up the regime in Burma. Our M.P. continues to blithely support this travesty whilst the London Assembly have finally seen the threat posed by developers to high streets and are starting to rattle the odd ineffectual sabre,not enough to frighten Lewisham planners I fear.Business as usual in the Catford bunker and "Lets dump on Deptford".
Meanwhile there is a fledgling local community group called Friends of Deptford Creek who have set up a petition against the Convoys development. Hopefully picking up where Creekside Forum left off.I have also applied for a preservation order on the buried archaeology on Convoys,some of which can be re-used as part of a marine hub.We used to be good at building boats in this manor!