Wednesday 17 March 2010

Tidemill school progress

A few recent photographs showing that on most parts of the Tidemill School/Deptford Lounge site, the structure is coming out of the ground already.

Over by Wavelengths, however, it's going down into the ground - offering a chance to see the piles that were being installed when I last wrote about it just before christmas. You can see the row of concrete columns formed by the piles, which have now been exposed and are basically acting as a wall to stop the earth collapsing into the hole while construction of the basement proceeds.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Deptford Dame,
It's a plesure to see the project coming on. I worked as an architect on this site but only saw Frankham Street completed before I left to work abroad. I am now in Kabul, Afghanistan working on a different kind of urban regeneration so I look forward to seeing more photos of Tidemill on your blog. Do check out if you're interested. Duncan