Tuesday, 26 January 2010

East London Line due to open early

A story in this week's New Civil Engineer suggests that the East London Line is expected to be carrying passengers in April, two months ahead of its due opening date.

And on an associated note, it looks like the funding for Surrey Canal Road station is now confirmed, according to London Reconnections.


Tony said...

RfL has just started operational testing on the line with it's new Class 378 trains, so April is looking Ok. There is also a plan to open the tunnel to the public around 11 March as a one-off, with performers inside for a 'fair-like' atmosphere. This is subject to RfL getting sufficient sponsorship (there's also a planned dinner) to ensure this doesn't cost public money.

Deptford Dame said...

Thanks Tony. For anyone who's wondering, RfL is Rail for London, part of TfL; "It will carry out the infrastructure upgrade for the North London line and enter into a concession agreement for the London Rail Concession," according to the TfL website http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/about-tfl/4510.aspx#railforlondon

Pedro said...

I am guessing that, now it's part of the overground, if you transfer from the DLR at Shadwell you'll be charged twice?

Deptford Dame said...

Pedro, ELL still comes within TfL's remit. You can check the ticket cost by using the Fare Finder widget on TfL's website.

John Bull said...

For those interested, the current planned dates for the ELL opening are:

From 4th April

Dalston Junction - New Cross Gate (4tph)
Dalston Junction - New Cross (4tph)

From 23rd May

Dalston Junction - New Cross (4tph)
Dalston Junction - West Croydon (4tph)
Dalston Junction - Crystal Palace (4tph)

CarolineLD said...

Great news! That should make my journey to work a little bit easier. I look forward to more details of the 11 March event, too.

Deptford dame said...

Thanks JB, did I miss them being announced somewhere or are you just very well informed?

John (not Bull) said...

You'll find it on:- http://londonreconnections.blogspot.com/2010/01/ell-updates-launch-dates-and-glimpse.html

Tony said...

I have now learned there hasn't been enough sponsorship offered to open up the tunnel to the public as RfL rightly don't want to spend public money on such a one-off. It was hoped the main contractors Balfour Beatty Carillion would assist, but they proved unwilling. The train manufacturer, Bombardier, offered a fair amount of sponsorship, but this wasn't enough on it's own.