Friday 27 November 2009

An update from your local MP

This morning I was delighted to receive a personal letter from Joan Ruddock MP.

Sorry, let me start that again.

This morning I was delighted to receive a personalised letter from Joan Ruddock MP.

Joan wrote to myself and the geezer to appraise us of all she's been doing for Deptford, just in case we should need encouragement to vote for her or her party in next year's election. (I assumed the latter bit myself).

Now, I've been accused of being a bit of a cynic in the past, even by my own parents, but let's analyse Joan's letter and find out what she has to say.

1. She's been working on the redevelopment of Deptford Station. Very hard. With lots of people. Including railway heritage experts. And has been doing for several years.

Yes Joan, I know that. You replied to an inquiry from me about the station more than 18 months ago, and basically told me not to be a scaremonger, and reassured me that plans were progressing. Pretty much the same thing as the latest letter.

2. She loves the Railway Carriage cafe. She loves it so much that she's actually forgotten its official name and is so busy loving it and being cheered by forthcoming christmas celebrations around the High Street that she can't remember why she brought the whole thing up, except to prove that she did walk down the High Street once a few months ago.

3. While she's on the subject, building work on the station is now going to start 'next year' following on from the work on Tidemill School. Most reassuring. Yawn. Haven't we heard this before?

4. But there's still a lot of unemployment in Deptford and she is working to try and keep the Job Centre on the High Street.

5. She is working with the police and council to try and counteract anti-social behaviour, and get a more permanent solution to the street drinking problem.

6. She wants your ideas so that she can do some more working. Please send them.

7. And if you've got a vote to spare, she'll have that too.


Anonymous said...

Was it a Labour Party branded one, or one sent using House of Commons stationery and her communications allowance? She's been doing a few of these lately - she did a letter about Copenhagen a month or two back, which looked like it probably went to anyone who has ever contacted her on green issues . . .

Deptford dame said...

It was the latter. Perhaps she's got some budget to use up!

Marmoset said...

He he, I got the same letter - I mentioned it on your Deptford Station thread. I don't know why I got a copy - perhaps I'm on her ''abandoned personal case'' list.

They must be really worried about their job security for MPs to start communicating with their electorate outside the 2-week pre-election window. But didn't we all become disillusioned far too long ago to trust them?

Bitter, me?

Anonymous said...

Yes, according to this report they have some budget to get rid of asap.

Deptford dame said...

hehe Max, thanks! My cynical side is proved right again!

CarolineLD said...

Well, I'm really offended now: I've written to her about various issues in the past but didn't make it to the mailing list for this letter!