Monday 23 November 2009

Deptford station: the greenest in London?

It's easy to knock Deptford Station - no doubt it was a grand sight in its heyday, when the carriage ramp was in use and daytrippers came from far and wide to visit one of the city's first suburban railway stations.

These days we are (still!) awaiting the start of the grand station refurbishment and reconstruction, which has been in the pipeline ever since the Dame washed up in this manor (and probably even before then!). But it's good to see that in the interim, the powers that be have decided that the station should try to adopt a more environmentally-sensitive image.

So I ask, is Deptford the greenest station in London?

Admire the green roof.

Marvel at the water feature.

Enjoy the sensitive landscaping (repeated at intervals around the station buildings, arches and bridge)

Incidentally most of the greenery is Buddleia, which is great for attracting butterflies. Let's hope that the damage it does to the structure of the station is made up for by the boost to butterfly habitat. Or perhaps this is an extreme and very long-term environmentally-friendly way of demolishing the building?


Marmoset said...

He he, it is so deeply Deptford though, isn't it? That buddleia must have thought it was a branch line...

CarolineLD said...

Not to mention all the environmentally-unfriendly chemicals in paint, weedkiller, etc they've avoided using...

Marmoset said...

Curious how on Monday you write about the station, and then two days later, Joan Ruddock gets a letter out talking about what work ''we'' have been doing around the station and the immediate surrounding area. My copy arrived today.

It would be great to think that this sudden - and unprecedented - ''Deptford update'' letter was provoked by your gentle fun-poking but in all truth I think it might have more to do with polls and elections and stuff!

If you haven't received a copy of this letter, let me know and I'll scan a copy and email it to your blog email address.