Friday 7 August 2009

Why I love Housewives

That's Housewives Cash & Carry on Deptford High Street, not housewives collectively*.

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that my inner child found this very funny, and demanded that I buy it. My outer adult vetoed another purchase from the same shop - a jar of Hot Shito (and also a jar of Mild Shito) - on the grounds that they were too expensive at £2.29 each.

To be fair, you can probably buy cock-flavoured seasoning in shops the length and breadth of Deptford High Street - I'm sure Housewives does not have exclusive distribution rights on either this or cock soup.

Additionally I am delighted to report that Housewives proved me wrong AGAIN in that I discovered jars of Dijon mustard on its shelves - something I had been convinced I would have to venture to Sainsbury's to buy.

(*Although they are welcome in my house any time, if they are willing to do a bit of dusting.)


Anonymous said...

I've not seen Cock Seasoning, but you can certainly buy Cock Soup!

I like Housewives for the Jerk seasoning myself.


Millhaven Blue said...

Reminds me of Fanny Craddocks ill fated branded batter mix.

CarolineLD said...

A delightful addition to any dining table!