Thursday 13 August 2009

Tidemill School/Deptford's new conveniences!

The £24 million contract to build the new Tidemill School in Giffin Street was awarded to Galliford Try Partnerships in July, and since then there have been some immediately-noticeable changes.

The first part of the work involved in building the new school is the demolition of some of the buildings on the site, including the public toilets.

Some visitors may have already noticed that the car park next to Wavelengths is now closed (you will have to use the parking 'boulevard' in Frankham Street instead, which is a bit of a bummer if you have driven up Gifford Street in expectation since it's no entry into Frankham Street from this end and you will have to go back to Deptford Church Street, around the mini roundabout and back the same way).

We also have some new, shiny public toilets in the middle of Giffin Square - they look a bit incongruous sitting there right in the middle of the paved area, but I suppose the prominent location is an attempt to minimise the extent to which they may be abused.

I have to admit that when I sidled up to them to take these photos, I cynically wondered how much more than a penny you would have to spend in these wonderful new facilities. I was shocked and somewhat gratified to find that they are totally free! Do note, however, that you only get 15 minutes (after which I assume the door opens again, ready or not) so no lingering!


Anonymous said...

Any pics of the proposed school building?

Deptford dame said...

@anon - yes but you have to look back a few months to this post