Monday 17 July 2017

Community meeting about Arklow Road ball court

A community meeting is being held this Thursday for people who are interested in campaigning to save the ball court on Arklow Road. 

Lewisham Council recently announced plans to build a new development of temporary housing on the site, but some residents have raised concerns about the loss of play facilities in the area, and want the council to consider renovating it instead.

The meeting is Thursday 20th July at 7pm at the Olivet Baptist Church, opposite the ball court.


Anonymous said...

The urgent housing of 31 households is much more important than a ball court that is probably used by 31 youths a week (if that). There are courts in the park next to the Deptford train line (2 minutes walk) that are maintained and usually empty. Additionally there is a court in Folkestone Gardens (5 minutes walk).

Any campaign to save the Arklow Road courts NIMBYism at its finest and extremely selfish.

Anonymous said...

People moan if "luxury" apartment blocks are built, people moan when apartment blocks are built for buy to let, and seemingly people also moan when apartment blocks for the homeless are to be built. There is obviously no pleasing some people!!! Just get on with building the thing.