Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Deptford Market Yard launch event

Get yourselves down to the official launch of 'Deptford Market Yard' tomorrow night (Wednesday) - for a 'fun night of shopping, food, drinks and entertainment' as the shop units under the former carriage ramp finally throw their doors open to the public.

The event runs from 6-11pm and promises hot food, mulled wine, fire juggling, DJs and lots of money off (or money of, whoever wrote the blurb can't quite decide) from the new occupants of the arches.

Want to know who's in the arches? The list is here. I've been to most of those that are already open - like most places, a mixed bag. Keen to try the rest out in due course.

You might also have noticed that things are happening in the other units under the station itself, with Mousetail coffee finally relocating and Kickslove London (a 'sneaker' shop for women, who'd have thought it?) making themselves known too. It's good to see so many independent businesses setting up in these units, rather than the tired old chains that you see in so many other stations.

I'm still a bit dubious about Dirty Apron, I suppose I need to get it straight in my mind that the apron is presumably dirty after the cooking takes place. I just can't help being reminded of my nan refusing to ever go back to a favourite pub after the chef came out in an apron smeared with what looked like fresh blood.

But I digress.

Eat, drink and be merry.


Anonymous said...

I noticed some anti-gentrification graffiti has popped up on one of the walls by the station. Usual bitterness and intolerance from people who fetishise deprivation.

Anonymous said...

When's the market thing happening - I'm sure they promised some food/craft market happening on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Well gentrification is a double edged sword. There tends, eventually to be a white middle class monoculture.
Which ironically forces out the artists, the craftspeople, the ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan shops that attract the
development in the first place. The place becomes nice and sterile and comfortable- for those that prefer conformity
to difference. If you own your own place in the area, as I confess I do, (though in my defence I’ve been here 22yrs)
then you gain financially. If you rent then you’re pretty much screwed.

Unknown said...

The event was quite fun. Heard a couple of good bits of music, the dog got a couple of chicken wings, lots of cute young people.
Very quiet on the Saturday though...
How they will get through to next summer is another matter entirely, dunno what the rent is but it can't be cheap!