Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sing a song of Deptford

Here's a couple of annoyingly catchy ditties - one about Deptford High Street and the other about our own local hipster hangout Little Nan's Bar - that have come to my notice recently. Thanks to Colin* for the former (*name changed to protect him from the wrath of those subsequently infected by the ear worm).

In this one, the Reverend Casy (featuring Jassah - not the same as the one from the Archers I don't think..) sings about Deptford High Street, over a film shot on the high street last year, which has a few familiar faces popping up here and there.

Reverend Casy has a page on Facebook if you want to know more.

Meanwhile Little Nan's Bar has also got in on the act, as any self-respecting hipster hangout should do, with the launch of a song of the same name by 'New Cross crooner' Rhiannon the Nightmare, filmed in aforementioned cocktail corner and also featuring a few faces I am familiar with, mentioning no names. Here's the link to Rhiannon's Facebook page. 

No need to thank me.