Wednesday 17 July 2013

His 'n' hers gets a refresh

Nice to see that Deptford's most famous mural, 'His 'n' hers' by Artmongers is getting a bit of a refresh - not before time in fact!

Must be pretty hot work up the scaffolding tower, they have already spent several days filling the cracks in the render, and repainting the large swathes of colour. Today they were putting new pearls on the necklace - looks like the work will be finished in the next day or two.


vesper said...

@Deptford Dame

The original Artmongers artist for this mural was from Argentina, and he was connected to Bearspace. I still see him around Deptford High Street, please can you remind me of his name?

I know that he has also done a few other murals in Deptford too (i.e Deptford Reach), but I think Deptford's most famous mural, and the best is the 'Love over Gold' mural by Gary Drostle

Love Over Gold is also the fourth album by Deptford rock band Dire Straits

Deptford Dame said...

@vesper there's a link to Artmongers in the article. Here's a specific link to Patricio's biog

While I agree that Love over Gold is a much more ambitious and accomplished piece of work, I don't think it's as well known by the general public purely due to the fact that it's in a much less prominent location.

vesper said...

@Deptford Dame

"Patricio" how could I ever forget!

I tried to access the Artmongers link in Erith Library, but the London Grid for Learning filter kicked in for some reason. I've just tried it again and this time it's OK.

I'm biased when it comes to Gary Drostle's Love Over Gold mural, which has been in place much longer than Patricio's His 'n' Hers. Gary is also the artist for the Erith Fish Sculpture which is another great Thames Gateway, City Challenge ARTS LIFT, and he is the a top man (President I think) at BAMM

Anonymous said...

Bring back the pubic hair

vesper said...

Allowing His 'n' Hers to go Brazilian is a good artistic link to Rio 2016

Deptford Dame said...

@vesper arf! I'll be leaving it to the murals to pay that kind of homage.

Sue said...

It's sure looking might fine now.

@Vesper, did you notice Love Over Gold had a slight makeover at the end of last year...
See Crosswhatfields

vesper said...

@Deptford Dame

You've got to pay homage to, and love the creative stimulas that great public art provides us all with.

His 'n' Hers looks out over Deptford Town Square here in London, and the statue of Christ the Redeemer looks out over the whole of Rio, who will of course be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

We as Londoners learnt many hard lessons before, and during the London 2012 Olympics, and we have much, much more than just the Olympic Flame to hand over to Rio.

The title of the paper that saw me invited to St James's Palace to discuss Classic Architecture with HRH the Prince of Wales' Institute of Architecture was Deptford Temenos, and it was related to the 'planning for real' exercise for Deptford Town Square aka Giffin Square, which gave us our 'Pergola of Peace'(where has that ended up following the latest upgrade?).

I have developed the TEMENOS theme further over the years, and I came up with a FARE TEMENOS design for London's 2012 Olympics. The pieces of mosaic that I used were salvaged following crash damage to Gary Drostle's Fish Sculpture. Here is the facebook link that shows the piece of artwork that I presented to the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, and which has subsequently been liked by Alev Adil who was/is the Artist in Residence for the University of Greenwich

vesper said...


Thanks for the link, and the update regarding 'Love Over Gold'.

Last time I looked serious renovation work is still required, and some of the cracks that have appeared in the work, have been filled with just plain cement and sand.

We can only hope that money appears for the full renovation SOON.

I was speaking to Gary Drostle recently, and ongoing repairs following crash damage to the Fish Sculpture in Erith is also without funds at present.

So sad :-(