Friday, 10 May 2013

Food for thought: upcoming events

This week's round-up of upcoming events is focussed entirely on my favourite subject: food. Well my favourite subject after beer, that is.

This weekend in Deptford Market sees the first in a series of live performance works, curated by Something Human in collaboration with Brockspace. This series Freshly Packed/Always Check the Label ' explores themes of flesh, meat, life, the body and mortality'.

At 11.30am on Saturday you can witness American artist Anya Liftig carrying out the first of the works outside Codfather's fishmonger. She will be... er.. talking to and then cooking a lobster. Not recommended for vegans or those of a sensitive disposition.

Next weekend is the launch of the 'Deptford Food Court' in Douglas Square. Try to set aside the images of dingy shopping malls and plastic seats that the words 'food court' conjure up. I'm sure it will be way more tasteful and chic than that. According to the poster below, there will be 15 new food stalls as well as chairs and tables at which to eat your food, although only 11 traders are listed on the poster. New Saturday regular In a Pikkle will be there, and even if you don't have room for a full meal I recommend dropping by for one (or three) of their lovely fishcakes.

Finally, and a bit further afield, the launch of Edible High Road also takes place next weekend, but in Forest Hill. Somewhat outside the Deptford boundaries, I know, but there's a possibility that this could be rolled out across other parts of the borough next year, so worth keeping an eye on.

Summer 2013 will see SE23 transformed into a fruity Urban Orchard! 

Local shops and businesses are hosting 70 beautiful fruit trees as part of a city-wide network of Edible High Roads, a real celebration of urban orchards. From the Horniman Museum to sober firms of solicitors and fashionable pop-ups, SE23′s business community has warmly embraced the Edible High Road. 

So turn yourself into a Tree Hunter by exploring our urban orchard using a special Edible Trail Map; the first 100 Tree Hunters under 11 can claim a free potted herb worth £1.99 from Shannon’s Garden Centre on Stanstead Road.

You can read more about the project, which is part of the Chelsea Fringe garden festival on the Lewisham Gardens website here.

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really looking forward to the Food market next week.