Saturday 23 March 2013

Charlotte Turner Gardens improvements

Deptford's extensive public realm has seen quite a lot of changes in the last few years, with improvements to Fordham Park, Margaret McMillan Park and green spaces on the Pepys estate to name but a few.

Now it's the turn of Charlotte Turner Gardens to get a makeover - this open space north of Creek Road is not in Lewisham, it's just over the border in Greenwich, but it's managed by the Twinkle Park Trust and for all intents and purposes it still counts as Deptford as far as I'm concerned.

(pic courtesy Twinkle Park Trust)
To be entirely honest I've never really explored this green space - evidenced by the fact that I've got no photos of it and have had to lift one from Twinkle Park Trust's new website - and so I was surprised to learn that it has a fitness trail and a Petanque court.

Plans for the improvements were approved at the Trust's recent AGM and they hope to let contracts shortly with completion in time for the summer holidays.

The improvements are quite exciting - I particularly like the idea of planting an orchard and some cherry trees. More of this kind of thing please - perhaps Lewisham Homes should consider planting fruit trees in its many small public green spaces around Evelyn and Pepys?

The main features are as follows:

  • A central grassed area with timber-retained mounds at each end – suitable for ball games and all kinds of play activities. 
  • A tidied and more attractive area between Carrick Mews and Brig Mews, with better views of the park and easier to maintain. 
  • A row of cherry trees, running the entire west edge of the garden, bringing colour in the spring and fruit later in the year. 
  • An orchard of old Kentish variety apples, which will also be ripe for harvesting later in the year. 
  • An improved surface for the existing Petanque court, with a nearby table tennis table, creating a more formal sports area. 
  • A more legible ‘trim trail’, using boulders and timber elements to add to the existing pieces of equipment on the grass next to Gilbert House. 
  • An entirely new Toddler Play Area, in the fenced area at the edge of MacMillan Street.   

You can find out more details and follow progress on the website.


Anonymous said...

Where did the toddler play suddenly spring up from? Great idea but not right outside our back gardens ! Not mentioned during the public consultation at all!,

PeterJHart said...

Dame, you surely mean Margaret McMillan Park and not Rachel McMillan Gardens?

Deptford Dame said...

Doh, thanks Peter! Not sure which bit of my confused mind that sprang from..! Have now amended it.

Anonymous said...

I live overlooking this park, and I'm glad to see that they're not going to just leave it unmaintained. It's quite nice right now as a view; I just hope the cherry trees don't mean we end up with birds leaving a colourfull pattern on our windows!

sascha.humphrey said...

The whole of Charlotte turner garden is an abortion, the petanque court is overgrown with weed, the footpath closest to watergate street has lampposts in the middle of it, also those lights are useless as they are obscured by trees, also half the light don't work,I mean who in their right mind puts a lampost next to a tree, there is one lamppost that is totally engulfed by a tree, another that's nearly as bad, and the budget for this disaster £800000, money well spent, I think *******g not. BTW I Live in Gilbert House with a good view of this beloved park.