Sunday, 17 February 2013

Frankham Street parking 'boulevard'

After more than two years of nagging, the council has finally got round to building up new kerbs around the tree pits on Frankham Street.

When the 'boulevard' (sorry I have to keep using the inverted commas, it couldn't be further from a boulevard if it tried) was first built, the design incorporated tree pits along its length in between the parking spaces. These pits were installed flush with the parking spaces, with small barriers in front of them as the only protection. Not only did the contractors buy the cheapest street furniture they could find, but the designers also failed to take into account the general motoring fuckwittery that seems to be prevalent in Deptford.

Within a couple of months most of the tinny barriers were gone, whether through contact with bumpers or a particularly forceful gust of wind it's difficult to say, and some of the trees had even been knocked down. A jumble of litter bins, street signs and assorted bits of junk were drafted in as temporary protection.

Finally the tree pits are being remodelled with some kerbs around them. Hopefully new trees will also be planted to replace those that were lost. The tinny barriers are back but stand more chance of survival now that they are slightly elevated - not forgetting of course that many of Deptford's motorists regard kerbs and pavements as legitimate parking spaces, so don't hold your breath.

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