Friday 22 June 2012

Deptford High Street: putting the record straight

Martin Taylor, son of the former Lewisham councillor Nicholas Taylor who was so badly treated in the first episode of BBC2's Our Secret Streets, has put together a website and leaflet challenging many of the claims put forward in the programme.

These not only relate to Nicholas Taylor's role (or lack of it) in the demolition of Reginald Road and other streets in Deptford, but also to a number of other claims made about the recent history of Deptford, the impact redevelopment had on its population, high street and market, and the implication that Deptford today is 'the poorest it has ever been' and a terrible place to live.


Anonymous said...

I remember Nicholas Taylor. It was at a public meeting in the Albany and it was about the selling off of the Margaret McMillan Park to private developers.
The council (LBL) wanted to build a swimming pool and library on Giffin Street (where the pool still is). Unfortunately someone in LBL had made a mistake and a developer had control of part of the site.
Mr Taylor had negotiated with the developer such that McMillan Park would be developed and LBL would have their swimming pool with attached library.
The meeting was quite accrimonios, I remember Taylor being very possesive and dictatorial as if he owned the area. He refered to the park as a 'dogs toilet'.
We weren't given a choice, this was going to happen anyway, the meeting was just the rubber stamping.
The developer has never cared for that area all along Watson's Street from Baildon St to the morgue, the shrubs run rampant and are filled with litter.
And the swimming pool/library turned out to be a poor idea too.
Fairly typical really of everything LBL does...

Anonymous said...

As a protest I stopped paying the tv licence