Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New website for Deptford High Street

I'm delighted to be announce the arrival of a new website about Deptford High Street (and its immediate surrounds I assume..) which quietly went live yesterday at

There's quite a few articles on the website already, including some renderings showing the other bits of the station that are yet to be built, Richard Endsor's presentation about the Lenox project which he gave at the Convoys Wharf open day, an interview with illustrator Mike Hall, and quite a few other bits and pieces.

The site looks good and hopefully will be a useful addition to the hyperlocal blogging world of SE8 - backing up the other local sites and expanding to fill the gaps that we bloggers, most of whom work solo and often juggle other commitments, can't always cover. 

According to 'about us':  
"This site is formed around a loose collection of Deptford residents and businesses working together. We’ve not got a specific aim in mind, or a grand plan; we just want to bring people together, and to be resource for news, information and comment about what’s going on in and around Deptford. 

"We’re not part of the council, part of the government, a charity or even any sort of a formal organisation. We’re just a bunch of like-minded people who think that, actually, Deptford has quite a unique place in modern London. It is a place that has a distinct character, and is still very much formed around its high street – a high street which is increasingly vibrant, and leading the regeneration of the area."

The site is looking for contributors, so get in touch if you have something about Deptford you want to share or fancy getting your writing published.

Welcome Deptford High Street!

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