Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blossoming together

New cafes are popping up around Deptford as if it was going out of fashion - with 'Deli X' having just opened where the Bear Cafe used to be, I thought I'd better first write about Blossoming Together, a new 'craft cafe' and art gallery which opened a few weeks ago at the bottom of Tanner's Hill, in the premises of the former Deptford Deli.

The owner Cinzia Callegari has replaced the long deli counter with a small dresser on which a range of delicious looking cakes are displayed in glass cake stands. She serves daily lunch specials containing produce from her allotment, and also runs craft courses in the cafe where you can learn how to make pocket books, needle felting or pegloom weaving, or even find out about wholesome foods for children.

I dropped in a couple of times recently during Deptford X, and was welcomed warmly both times. Cinzia's coffee is excellent - I would venture it's almost as good as the coffee served at the Waiting Room (they set the standard in flavour as far as I'm concerned) but edges closer by the fact that it's served with homemade biscotti and you can enjoy the peaceful surrounds of the little square outside - and sunshine if you are lucky!

I also sampled one of the magnificent cakes on offer - perhaps a little pricey at £3.50 but extremely tasty - and tried out a cup of tea, served in one of her lovely vintage teapots and made with loose leaf. It prompted fond memories of the vintage
teacups that Deptford Properly used to favour...

Blossoming Together


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering who got in on the 'vintage teapot' thing first - in 'Come the Revolution' you can even choose your very own teapot from a range of fine receptacles perched on a shelf

Deptford Pudding said...

'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' a teashop/florists/gallery in Hither Green has a fine collection of old tea pots, and other crockery.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dame

dont forget to review 'Come the Revolution' - a really worthy place, with cheap, nourishing meals (some at only £2), internet, books, a great vibe and its profits all go to supporting a local cause we can all support - putting local people first, not profit (something Lewisham Council might ponder as they consider the Convoys Wharf application)

CarolineLD said...

I went in here yesterday, and it was lovely - I can recommend the biscuits as well as the very good coffee!

James said...

I too liked the coffee in Deli X but agree that it isn't as good as the Waiting Room. The staff are very pleasant too.

I just worry that they won't get enough people in to justify the HUGE space (especially because they close at 19:00). Deptford High Street is getting a lot of nice cafes but I can't see the demand.

I've put Deli X to the test by giving them a cake order for work. If they impress me, they're my new cafe of choice and they'll get publicity among my colleagues.

Sarah McIntyre said...

I had lovely pea soup with bread and cheese there today. Thanks, Cinzia!