Sunday 25 September 2011

Talking walls project

Right opposite where Peter Anderson's new mural is being painstakingly applied to the wall of Douglas Square, a contrasting mural was today having its finishing touches applied on the side of the Albany.

This eye-catching bit of whimsy is not painted directly on the wall, it's on chipboard which will be fixed to the wall for a few months, and it's part of a project called Talking Walls which is the brainchild of a Goldsmith's student. There's a website under development here.*

It's the third in the series - there is also one fixed to the wall round the back of the Deptford Project, and the first mural which was painted directly onto the wall of one of the buildings on the Goldsmiths campus. We sought it out today after directions from the team working on the Albany wall.

We chatted to the student leading the project for a while but I regret I didn't get her name (blame it on Deptford X/caffeine overload). I do hope someone can add this information in the comments box so that I can give her due credit.

*the website is now up, revealing the student leading the project to be Tessa Lawer


Bowley Bear said...

Looks really interesting. Did the ceramic tile mural win the competition for the wall on the opposite side of the square? I really hope so.

Deptford dame said...

If you are talking about the repeated pattern mural, I'm afraid not. The links is now gone from Deptford X's page but I'll try to post a picture when the other mural is a bit further advanced.

Bowley Bear said...

Thanks, I think they were the red & white repeated patterns. Such a shame it wasn't chosen. On another note, I really enjoyed friday's Infractus Number 82 as part of DeptfordX and look forward to reading any blogs you may do about the festival.

Deptford dame said...

Unfortunately my Deptford X coverage is likely to be very sketchy this year as I foolishly booked a weekend break before dates were announced. Saw a few things last weekend but too busy with Convoy's Wharf objection to blog them right now!

Anonymous said...