Monday, 13 December 2010

Deptford christmas festival

Myself and the Geezer had fun at the Deptford christmas festival on Saturday; luckily we were unburdened by the usual shopping bags so we amused ourselves dodging the remote-controlled wheelie bins Sid and Nancy, taking a free ride on one of the cycle rickshaws and then peaking with a whirl on the big wheel. Please excuse the rather naff music on the first clip - I put it on to mask the screaming (not us) and sarcastic commentary (us).

(This one comes with real sound and a little bit of cackling at the end. Again not us!)

It was rather grey and my photos were crap so I won't inflict them on you here. I recommend you hop over to Darryl's blog where he's got some rather nice pictures especially of the Deptford Wheel at night and particularly of the new underpass to Fordham Park.

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