Monday, 26 April 2010

Gallop coffee shop

Last weekend I made a point of trying out the Gallop coffee shop, which has just reopened for Saturday and Sunday hours.

If you've been there for shows or on previous open weekends you'll know that it's a small space, but with three reasonably-sized tables and a couple of seats outside, there is room for a dozen or so customers, as long as they are all good friends.

They have a brand new shiny kitchen at the back, which nicely complements the white tiles and artwork of the interior, and were serving coffees and teas (including fresh mint tea - easily done with Deptford's greengrocers on your doorstep!), pastries, cakes and some rather smashing sandwiches and homemade quiche.

I plumped for a ham sandwich, made with ham from the Giggly Pig, some rather good plum chutney (not quite up to my homemade, but hey, no-one's perfect!) and fresh greenery, and accompanied by gherkin and fresh radish. Spot on! The bread was good and rustic and the coffee really hit the spot.

Will definitely be back for more.

Meanwhile if you want to see inside but can't wait for the weekend, don't miss the Deptford Film Club which is trying out Gallop as a venue for this week's showing of Omkara on Wednesday. Full details here.


Unknown said...

Fantastic little venue. Worth a visit just to have a look at the tiling.

By coincidence when I dropped in last, I shared a pot of mint tea with a friend. The flavour was so fresh that I had a look in the pot - fresh leaves!

Deptford dame said...

Yup I noticed that they had it on the menu - a great idea as fresh mint is always available on the high street, and makes such a difference in the taste.