Wednesday 24 February 2010

Shopping price comparison

A recent comment by a reader that they never shopped in Deptford High Street and instead went to Greenwich set me pondering on why that might be.

I guess there are many reasons why someone would choose to shop somewhere less convenient, and those might be:
- price
- opening hours
- parking
- products available
- quality

I know for sure that lots of things are cheaper in Deptford's various independent retailers than in the supermarkets, but I've never done a proper price comparison. Today on a whim, when I returned from a lunchtime reccy, I decided to do just that. I noted the cost of the rather random basket of goods I'd just purchased in Housewives Cash & Carry, one of the unnamed Asian greengrocers, Robert Walker* and the British veg/flower shop whose name I have momentarily forgotten, and then checked the prices of the same things (or as close as possible) at Tesco online.

The results were rather interesting.

Four 400g tins Napolina chopped tomatoes: £2.00 (Housewives) - £3.00 special offer normally £3.89 (Tesco)
One 400g tin chick peas: 39p (Housewives) - 45p (Tesco)
Tube of tomato puree: 79p (Housewives) - 33p (Tesco)
Half a pound of Lurpak: £1.39 (Housewives) - £1.38 (Tesco)
Fresh mint: 75p for a large bunch (Deptford) - small pack for 79p or plant for £1.49 (Tesco)

Six free range eggs: £1.09 (Housewives) - £1.42 (Tesco)
Mozzarella cheese: £1.50 for 440g (Robert Walker) - £1.59 for 250g (Tesco)
Cheddar cheese with chives: £1 for 250g (Robert Walker) - £1.45 for 200g (Tesco)

Whole nutmegs: £1.99 for 100g (Housewives) - £1.39 for 44g (Tesco)
Whole cucumber and one yellow pepper: £1.09 (Deptford) - £1.96 (Tesco)

In total, to buy the equivalent in Tesco that I bought in Deptford today, would be £15.45, compared with the £11.99 total I actually spent.

I know this isn't exactly a 'typical' basket of food and the results might be very different with a different range of items, but it is a very sobering example of how much extra I might have spent at the supermarket.

*I don't think the shop is actually called Robert Walker, but it still has the old sign above it so that's how I know it. Inside is a rather random collection of groceries and some good continental cheeses/anchovies in the fridge at the back. The place to go for excellent quality dark chocolate, olive oils and vinegars, great value blocks of mozzarella, etc etc. Don't pass it by!


shipwright's palace said...

Dame Deptford gonna upset Dame Shirley!

CarolineLD said...

I always suspected as much, thank you for doing the work to demonstrate it!

Anonymous said...

I think you have to pick and choose at the Housewives Cash and Carry! It's definately alot cheaper for spices and that sort of thing, but i've seen things in there that were alot more expensive than Tescos - cat food and black bin bags come to mind.

That fruit / veg / flower shop is excellent. I run a day centre for elderly, disabled people in Deptford and we buy all our fresh fruit and veg from there. They deliver, the veg is excellent, they make good suggestions about quantities when needed and are always very helpful and polite. They will even get eggs for us - I have no idea where from but they do!

Deptford dame said...

@ mithranstar - you're absolutely right, things like ground coffee and Dorset cereals are more expensive in Housewives, and as my comparison shows the tomato puree was more than twice the price in Housewives compared to Tesco. But they win hands down on herbs & spices, pulses, tinned goods, nuts, rice, pasta and many other dry goods. Overall I believe they're cheaper, and even on the more expensive items I'm more comfortable supporting an independent business than giving my money to one of the supermarkets. I just wish that they would invest some of the profit in a decent fridge!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Ms Dame

I think it was my post that prompted this, so I am truly honoured!

Incidentally, I popped into Theatro at the weekend (show flat now opened) and they confirmed Tesco was opening.

Now hold on to your hat...they also said Starbucks will be opening...

Unknown said...

I think you mean 'John's'.
I'll ask next time I remember who 'Robert Walker' was...


Unknown said...

Yep, the owner is John Price (Hence John's) although I understand that some call it 'the bent tins shop'.

Deptford dame said...

Thanks Peter! I sometimes suspect it's the model that Lidl was based on!

Squirrel said...

Be careful what you buy in the Bent Tin is rumoured they turn the chill cabinet off at night! I got food poisoning from some chilled meat bought there.
I now get bagels and batons from Tesco in preference to Greggs and Percy Ingles, and other deli-type items that are likely to be better quality but cheaper than the deli. Anyone who buys veg and fruit from Iceland or Tesco is a fool when Ralph's grocery shop is so-o-o much cheaper and there are over 16 grocers in the high street to choose from. However, it is worth noting that many people who are out at work during the day cannot use the local shops except on Saturdays.
Thanks Anonymous for the shocking news that there will also be Starbucks on Creek Road along with yet another Tesco that the Dame has already informed us of. Aaagghhh!

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