Wednesday 2 December 2009

Dire Straits plaque - update

Thanks to commenter El Blog De Ju on the previous post for pointing me to this wonderful photo, which shows Dire Straits performing in the gardens on Crossfields Estate, with what is now Cockpit Arts in the background (and where the Love Over Gold mural is). (Please note that this photo is not my copyright, it is posted here)

According to the official Mark Knopfler site
"On Thursday 3rd December, Mark and John Illsley will be attending a short ceremony in Deptford, London, to unveil a blue plaque on the site of the first Dire Straits performance back in 1977. The award, presented by PRS for music, is part of a national campaign in the UK to highlight areas where significant musical events have taken place. The plaque will be fixed to Farrer House in Church Street, Deptford and unveiled at 11.30 am. "

Here's a sneak preview:
(you may use this image but please link to my blog)

And the site of the gig as it looks today:

Sadly I have to be at work on Thursday. If anyone else can get there for the unveiling, do send me a photo!


EL BLOG DE JU said...

Thanks for updating with the picture and the Love over gold (also related with Dure Straits) mural.

Actually when they played there the band name was "Cafe Racers", that was the name of the band Mark Knopfler was playing that days, sometimes with John Illsley too, then they changed their name to Dire Straits and gave their first concert under that name together with Squeeze at The Albany Theatre.

EL BLOG DE JU said...

Also, quite curious that the blue plaque is actually a black plaque :-)

DDKK said...

Yes, it's not one of the historical blue plaques - this is a new scheme set up by the PRS for Music organisation.

Anonymous said...

The best of the world : DIRE STRAITS and MARK KNOPFLER

. said...

Somebody has to go to ask them about the Sultans of Swing pub - was it the Duke, the Albert, the White Swan or somewhere else (each of these apparently has pub folklore that it was there)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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mikeholwill said...

Great piece of Dire Straits history! Been a massive Dire Straits fan since the 80s. Now my son who is studying at Trinity Laban lives upstairs in Farrer House