Thursday, 10 September 2009

Bags in Deptford

Thanks to Chris for pointing me towards this jolly little story. I had heard a rumour that there had been royal visitors to the 999 Club on Deptford Broadway - my neighbour downstairs, who occasionally drops in there for lunch, was quite excited about the prospect. My neighbour is already very well connected, having met both Camilla AND the Archbishop of Canterbury on separate occasions in Deptford. But I digress.

I rather like the old bag (the one she's holding that is - I don't really have a opinion on Camilla herself) and hope that they are going to be made available to local purchasers.

One bag which will be hitting the streets some time soon is the Deptford X bag which has been designed by Esther Yarnold along with young artists from Addey & Stanhope school. They have also designed a series of vinyl stickers that will be used as waymarkers to point the way to venues or artworks during Deptford X. You can read all about the design process here.

Apparently you will be able to get them from market traders during the festival, which I guess means they are plastic bags rather than reusable cotton ones - a bit of a shame if you ask me. There's always room in my life for another cotton tote, especially one with such a local theme, communicated in such a bright colour!

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