Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Simply the best, or inspired by dance?

If you want to see some prime marketing tosh, just take a walk along Creek Road and read the hoardings.

On the Deptford side of the creek, the new Greenwich Creekside development is now well out of the ground and rising to its dizzy heights at a formidable speed. We are told that this block of flats consists of 'The Finest Apartments in a World Class Location'. As if that wasn't enough, be sure to understand that these are 'London's most inspirational new apartments!' Most preposterously we are being asked to believe that this development is 'inspired by dance', and there are huge photos of dancers on the hoardings too, just to reinforce the claim. I invite you to peruse the photo and suggest what kind of dance inspired these apartments.

Here's a picture of the finished building, in case you need more 'inspiration'; the website has additional tosh for those who want to mock some more - including the fact that this is 'A new light for Greenwich' (wtf?).

Meanwhile on the Greenwich side of the creek, the New Capital Quay development doesn't bother with any poncy inspirational stuff. They don't need to justify their existence - put simply, this is 'The Finest New Riverside Development in London'. So there.

I would guess that the finished apartments in both of these developments will be a cut above the average for the area (with prices to match). The ones in Greenwich Creekside look fairly spacious and light, but I'm pretty sure Creek Road doesn't qualify as a 'world-class location'. The New Capital Quay site should provide a pleasant environment and quite a few riverside view for those with the money, but is it 'the finest'? And how is that measured?

It's all very entertaining flim flam for a hot day, but lest you forget - someone has been paid to come up with this!


Anonymous said...

What it will do is completely dwarf, and block the view of the truly inspirational Laban(dance conservatoire) building.

Gareth Gardner said...

What a typically showy development that will look like all the rest of the balcony architecture that has blighted the Thames over the last 20 years. Could do better!!