Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What's going on?

Deptford's swimmers are eagerly awaiting the opening of the new swimming pool at Wavelengths (and in fact the reopening of the rest of the centre too, which has been closed for far too long due to overrunning of the construction work).

But I am reliably informed that it will all be in use by the end of August. This photo suggests that at the very least, the new pool will be full! (that's the new leisure centre in the background, the pipe runs all the way from the standpipe and disappears into the building itself!)


Nunhead Mum of One said...


Just thought I'd drop it to ask you what you think of the new Waldron Health Centre and if you were going to do a feature on it? I went there the other day to meet a friend and thought it was lovely!

Anonymous said...

I was on a train from dptfd today next to some guy who had just done a site visit to wvlngths and reporting back to his superiors. he said that the pools were nealy up to the right temperature and they just had to sort out some 'drown alarms' but it should be ready next week after some 'sign-offs' this week. Apologies for being anonymous but have no account. Why can't i fi any other stories about the wvlngths delays on the internet and no date on the hoardings or pool website? good work dame!

Deptford Dame said...

@nunhead mum of one - yes the health centre is great, isn't it?! I had kind of forgotten about it since I haven't been for ages.

@anon, thanks for the compliment! For future reference you can always use the 'name/url' identity, and just input a name.

max said...

Really good to see it happening, it's since the closure of Laurie Grove pool that there isn't a proper pool around there. This will improve thequality of life of a lot of people.

Barry Wire (I'm the above anonymous) said...

woohoo! Went for a swim yesterday in the new wavelenghts lane swimming pool!

I had the whole place to myself for most of my 40 lengths of the 25m pool. All the staff still seem a bit overwhelmed as they seem to all have been roped into various painting and cleaning duties over the last few weeks, but the pool is a lovely clean and simple room and a joy to swinm in. Changing rooms are still a bit pokey but I've got used to the huge ones at Ladywell. It's now just £2.60 in the day and £3.25 after 5pm. bargain. (please don't all rush down and ruin my solitude though!)