Monday, 14 July 2008

Creekside charrette

If you missed the Creekside Charrette last month, you might be interested in this article in Building magazine which was published last week.

The story is more about the charrette process itself rather than the outcome of the process, but makes quite an interesting read. Except that predictably, the journalist, Stephen Kennett, refers to Deptford as 'down-at-heel'.

I don't really know whether this process will have any influence on the style and quality of developments along Creekside - it will be interesting to see if anything filters through. The 'results' of the charrette are here, but be warned, this is a document of almost 30MB with lots of interesting pictures, some diagrams and thought-provoking maps, but very little by way of explanation.

And can I just add my own twopenneth?

No. Not on your Nellie. Absolutely not. Thanks for the offer, but really I'd rather you didn't.

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