Friday, 15 February 2008

Carriage of delight

The rumours of a railway carriage in Deptford High Street were true! A slightly scruffy looking slam-door style carriage has turned up in the space formerly occupied by a dodgy-looking butchers, and the shop that sold every type of cleaning product under the sun (except Ecover!).

I'm not sure where the butchers went, but the household shop moved a couple of doors up, and the old lean-to they used to be housed in, opposite Iceland, has been flattened.

The train carriage looks ever so slightly incongruous, sitting there on its own piece of track, with 'To Deptford with Love' painted on the side. Apparently it's to be our new cafe and station site HQ, as promised by the Cathedral Group in their latest press release which I reported in January.

Naturally I'll be bringing more news as soon as the carriage is open for business! (and some photos hopefully tomorrow!)

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