Monday 3 December 2007

Safety in numbers

I braved the driving rain on Friday night to meet up with a group of random strangers in a pub near Catford. Well actually they weren't really random since they all had Lewisham roots of some sort or another, and some of them weren't even strangers! As for the pub near Catford, the Jolly Farmers, it turned out to be a gem! Fabulous real ale on offer, the guest beers being served straight fromthe barrels that were installed behind the bar. Sadly I was driving (courtesy of the appalling weather) so wasn't able to indulge as much as I would have liked, but did enjoy a pint of St Austell brewery's Proper Job.

Anyway, it was good to finally meet up with some of those folks whose blogs I've been reading for years, and to find out about blogs I've never heard of before! It was an impressive turnout:

old 'friends' were:
Andrew Brown
Inspector Sands
and Robert

New finds were:
Andrew Milton
and David

I'll admit it was much more fun than an evening with random strangers in a pub in Catford could have been; already looking forward to the next one!


Andrew Brown said...

Glad to hear we didn't scare you off! I think next time we should come down your way, though hopefully with a bit better weather.

Anonymous said...

I just read your entry. I was supposed to be there but sadly I couldn't make. Sounds like it was fun and hopefully next time I will be there to enjoy it too. (If they ask me that is :)

DDKK said...

That would be great, especially if it's down the Deptford end of Lewisham!

Clare Griffiths said...

Good to meet you and see you next time I hope!!

bob said...

Sorry I missed meeting you. See you at the next one!