Friday, 17 August 2007

First time for everything!

This lovely bike shed has been on Deptford station for several months now. The other day we saw a rare sight - bikes in the shed! I'm not by any means saying that Deptford station suffers more crime than any other station in the region - I would certainly think twice about leaving my bike at ANY rail station for more than about half an hour! Greenwich station has lockers for bikes (or at least it used to, don't know if they are still there) but you have to rent them, which is a pain unless you cycle every day. I prefer to skip the train altogether on the days I use my bike, and ride all the way to to work. I might have a different opinion if I had to actually cross the West End by bike though - my route ends just north of the river in Pimlico so it's quite a pleasant route.

A photograph was required as evidence that the shed actually gets used. Later I came back and the bikes were gone, hopefully still in the hands of their rightful owners.


dreamer said...

It's good to see some reasonable facilities though. These cycle racks are fabulous compared to the ones by the civic centre in Catford where you can only just about fit your front wheel into the rack.

I park my bike in Vauxhall every day so I'm lucky that my employers provide a locked bikeshed with decent bike racks.

Knit Nurse said...

I agree it's good to see these facilities, but the cynic in my says that Southeastern are merely ticking boxes, or perhaps they got a grant to install these sheds. What the station could really do with is someone to come in and clean up the litter on weekends. Not sure if it's a purely Deptford problem, but by Sunday evening the place looks like someone's been flytipping chicken debris.