Monday, 30 July 2007

Herb garden gig

I dropped into the McMillan Herb Garden on Deptford Green last night, at the bidding of Bob from Brockley, to see "the legendary Lol Coxhill and master Ghanian Drummer, Nana Tsiboe" in a modest gig.

I didn't stop long - the music was a bit too freeform for me and besides which I had a fruit cake in the oven - but it was great to see a little group of folks obviously enjoying themselves in these lovely surroundings. The vine was laden down with grapes and the garden was bright with colours and herbs. Around the musicians was a small group of appreciative fans, very into the music with tapping feet and nodding heads, and on the outskirts, a few other groups of people just enjoying the vibe and the surroundings. There were even a couple of students from the neighbouring blocks, drawn in by just hearing the music through their open windows.

I'm not sure who arranged the gig - in fact I don't even know who owns or looks after the herb garden - but it would be great to see a few more of these type of events. Well done, if you're reading this! And more please!


max said...

What? People from Deptford enjoying themselves? No junkies or other kinds of awfully desperate marginally alive("hard to reach" in Council jargon) and not even young professional from the outposts of regeneration?
It can't be Deptford!

bob said...

I failed to get to the Herb Garden, but did go to the Klinker in Nunhead on Friday night, where Lol Coxhill was also playing. The music was WAY too freeform for me, but the vibe was really nice there too.

I don't know who organised the Herb Garden concert - I think I heard about it from the Creekside Forum mailing list. But this is not the first event (see and

The Garden itself was a project, I believe, of the Deptford Discovery Team, now, I think, defunct, altho I see some of its veterans in your photos among the foot-tappers. It also had something to do with Heather's.