Tuesday 15 May 2007


Ever since I started my first blog I wondered whether I should be writing more about my local area. I've avidly followed Diamond Geezer and Inspector Sands (Casino Avenue as was) for years, and now that more and more bloggers are appearing, I think it's about time Deptford got some better press.

Sure, it's not the south east's most glamorous location, nor is it the grottiest, but it does have the twin benefits of being handily located both for central London (20 mins) and for Greenwich (2 mins), and it's damn cheap if you want to buy a property (by London standards, that is). What's more, it has a really strong community, a huge market, lots of independent shops, and a thriving artistic side.

So stay with me if you want to learn more about my manor. Ignore the slaggers, disregard the high street's down-at-heel appearance, and come with me on a voyage around SE8. It will be a truly local experience, in the best possible meaning of the word.


diamond geezer said...


(and it'll be a fascinating place to write about...)

Anonymous said...

Dear Deptford Dame
You sound like a proper foxy lady and I bet your blog is going to be a total winner! There's lots to write about Deptford, stones to be unturned and secrets to be told.

cosmo said...

i concur, deptford is brilliant and there's lots of lovely chicken bones left all over the place although there are not enough horses.

Andrew Brown said...

Glad to have found you. Onto the blogroll and the feedreader you go.