Friday, 17 June 2011

New mural for Douglas Way Square

Buried at the bottom of the applications page of the Deptford X website I found an invitation for artists to submit proposals for a new mural in Douglas Way Square to replace the existing mural, which has definitely seen better days (click on the words 'Douglas Way Square' to download the document).

I seem to have missed the general announcement of this, but artists need to be quick - the deadline for proposals is 4 July.

'The London Borough of Lewisham is looking to replace the current mural on Douglas Square, titled “Deptford Railway Yard”, produced by Christopher Ryland and Paul Prestidge in 1980.
Over time the mural has suffered significant wear and tear and the council has now decided to replace the mural with a new piece of artwork.
Douglas Way Square is under going extensive refurbishment and this new design will be an important addition to the look and feel of the square.
We are looking for to contract an artist to produce a new piece of artwork on the wall, which can be maintained and developed over a three year period. We are flexible as to the nature of the proposal and are interested in receiving proposals that, for example, apply a range of techniques or develop the creative practice of an artist or maker interested in working to a large scale.'

There's a lengthy selection process; from the submissions, three designs will be selected and the artists will each be given £250 to develop an installation method statement & risk assessment, a maintenance plan and detailed design sketches.

Phase three will involve the three designs being exhibited at a venue in Deptford where the public will be able to attend and make comment. The selected artists will have to attend a community event to talk to the members of the local community about their proposals. In stage four the artists will be interviewed by the selection panel (representatives of Lewisham Council, Design for London, Deptford X and local businesses) before a final choice is made.

The competition is open to all artists living or working in the UK, and the budget for the mural is £6k.

However the winner should not expect their work to be there in perpetuity; the brief only requires it to last 'at least a year'. The mural will be commissioned until August 2013 and then 'may be removed or re-commissioned'.

I'd love to see something bold, colourful and perhaps thought-provoking on that wall - the fact that I rarely notice the existing mural underlines the fact that it is faded and past its prime. Time for fresh influences.

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