Friday, 14 June 2013

Cycle parking facilities at Waitrose

With cycle parking in Greenwich town centre often at a premium, it's great news that the new Waitrose on New Capital Quay is providing parking spaces for 14 bikes.

Apologies for the rather dark image, but you get the idea - secure bike parking in a covered location, right next to the main entrance. 

In the days before I lived in Deptford, and I had to do my weekly shop by bike, I often bemoaned the poor facilities offered to cyclists by supermarkets, like they were some kind of afterthought. True, that was quite a few years ago and much has changed since then, but there's still too many places where cycle parking is poorly located, with inappropriate racks used; they are too close together or there are not enough of them. 

Only the other day at the brand new Glass Mill Leisure Centre in Lewisham I struggled to lock my bike to the rack on the end of the row, due to its positioning next to a big column. Luckily there were plenty more to choose from, but I did wonder what had happened there. And the few racks outside Wavelengths in Deptford are almost always over-subscribed - the high street itself is not particularly well served for bike racks, although this has improved with the recent works at Deptford Lounge and Douglas Square, as well as the massive rake of racks at the station. Living nearby I rarely need to use any of these, but I'm not sure I'd be confident leaving my bike at the station in its current state. 

Whoops this has turned into a bit of a rant, I'll stop now. Good work anyway, Waitrose.


jason power said...

I had contact Waitrose earlier this year as I had seen on the internet that they have in some store a loan/hire service for Waitrose cycle trailers to get your shopping home. They have said that they will not be having them in the new Greenwich store, having pointing out the use of the Thames pathway by cyclist

Sanjit said...

You might be interested in this - I'm sure that if enough people campaign for it it might be possible to have a bike store in Griffin Square? See:

Anonymous said...

Blimey that is ugly - it certainly won't win any awards for style!

I was in Finland the other day and, whilst not the same product, they certainly know how to 'design'

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Velva said...

This is cool!

kale stone said...

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