Saturday, 16 August 2008

I've got a garden!

Strictly speaking it's not my garden, it belongs to Howard and his partner, but through the mystical powers of the internet, we discovered that a bit of mutual cooperation will hopefully bring benefits to us all.

I do have a balcony - and it's actually considerably bigger than most balconies these days - readers might remember the tomato triumphs of last year. But this year has been difficult because of a temporary change to my domestic arrangements which meant that I can't rely on someone being here all the time to do the watering, especially since I travel quite a lot for work. Hence a garden share would be a great opportunity for me to develop my green fingers without worrying having to be there all the time.

I have been trying to find an allotment share, but this has proved almost as elusive as an allotment; now, via a post on Green Ladywell, myself and Howard are trialling our own garden share!

So far I've just spent a couple of hours there, pulling up a load of weeds and trying to work out what is growing underneath them. I reassured Howard that what he thought was a 'giant weed' was in fact a courgette plant, complete with courgettes - and we discovered that the peas had gone over and the carrots were struggling to get beyond the size of matchsticks. But we think of it as starting early for next year; plans are to get a compost bin started, cut back the monster lawn, and decide what to put in for next year!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! Anyone else for some horticultural matchmaking?!

CarolineLD said...

Sounds brilliant! I would be jealous, but I kill every plant I go near...